Camera-Ready Instructions

  • Please modify your review manuscript by keeping in mind the reviewer comments and anything else you would like to edit before making your final manuscript.
  • Please ensure that you are using IEEE format of writing, and all the fonts are of embedded type in the content itself. This is an important step to ensure your pdf passed IEEE pdf eXpress check.
  • Please note that your camera-ready pdf needs to pass the pdf eXpress check which can be done as follows:


Pdf eXpress instructions:

1.       Please visit the pdf eXpress login page:


2.       Please create a login using your email address, Conference ID: 52093X and a password of your choice as shown in the screenshot below.

3.      After you login, please upload your final pdf
manuscript and wait for pdf eXpress to perform the necessary checks. Once the
pdf passed the pdf eXpress check, please download the pdf eXpress provided pdf
and upload this new pdf eXpress passed .pdf file to EDAS as the Camera-Ready

4.      More instructions on how to use pdf eXpress is
available at

5.      If you are facing difficulty in pdfXpress
website, please email and send them your query/screenshot
of error. The conference committee may not be able to address questions related
to pdfXpress support/issues.